Fall 2009 Newsletter

Dard Roast and Kona Kili Coffee

Dear Family and Friends --

     Penei and I are very pleased to announce the start of our third year of producing our own Kona Coffee.  The picking season has just begun and usually continues through March.  In 2007 we cut back many of the trees to encourage new growth, so the first year of production was limited to 150 pounds of cherry.

     Last year we continued the pruning and  increased production to 300 pounds.  We bought a pulper to separate the bean from the cherry and constructed drying racks.  After trying different methods to separate the parchment and silver skin from the dried bean, the coffee was roasted and brewed.  Penei’s brother Joe tried it and triumphantly declared, “Dard Roast!”  Our brand name was born from his first taste.

     This year we  added a huller to remove the parchment and silver skin and also bought a roaster.  With  colorful bags in different sizes and the heat sealer to lock in freshness, we are proud to announce that this year’s coffee is ready.

     We expect to double our cherry production this year to 600 pounds. We are likely to run out of our own Estate Reserve quickly because of demand, so we wanted you to be the first to know about its release. Two stores carry our coffee in Southern California.  They are Twisted Treat in Solana Beach and The Soccer Store in Redondo Beach.  If you can recommend any local stores in your area that would carry our coffee, please tell us how we can contact them. 

    Twenty cacao trees are planted on our farm.  In a few  years we will be producing our own Kona chocolate.

     Please forward this email to your friends and family who enjoy the unique flavor of Kona coffee or would like to purchase gifts for others.  Our list price is $24 a pound or $12 for half a  pound but are now offering at $20 (lb) and $10 (8 oz). We are in the process of setting up an online store, but for now orders can still be made via email, through PayPal using hidard@gmail.com or by calling us toll free at (888) 328-9239.

Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii,

Dard and Penei



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