Dedication to Rod Aller, Alpine Skiing World Champion

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Auction: December 6 - 7, 2010

  Aloha and Happy Holidays --

You are bidding on one pound of 100% Kona Coffee from our farm in Captain Cook on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Full City Plus Roast (Medium/Medium Dark)

Our Kona Coffee is hand picked from trees that grow at the intersection of two ancient volcanoes, Hualalai and Mauna Loa. To be called Kona Coffee it must be grown within a narrow band of volcanic soil twenty miles long and two miles wide known as the Kona Coffee Belt in West Hawaii.  Additional information about us including a map of our location is available at The Dard Roast Farm.

The coffee will come to you in a 16 oz red bag with our new Christmas label. Kona is home not only to world-famous Kona Coffee but also the Ironman Triathlon World Championships:  a 2.4 open-ocean swim, a 112 mile bike and a marathon run. 

Our Tri Kona Coffee label celebrates both the taste of Kona and an energetic life style.  Our Kona Coffee is on the daily training regimen and race-day menu of many athletes.

It will carry the unique seal of approval and authenticity from the Kona Coffee Council:

A cup of 100% Kona Coffee has distinct terroir: unique qualities based on the climate conditions, soil quality, seasonal temperatures, etc. that influence the growth and development of our coffee beans.   This Coffee Tasting Wheel has been developed to assist in distinguishing diverse tastes and aromas.

We try to keep you informed on a regular basis about what's happening personally and in our industry through the Kona Coffee Blog, Twitter and Facebook.  Our 100% Kona Coffee is available 24/7 online at The Dard Roast Farm.   Kona Coffee has developed a reputation around the world as one of the finest coffees available. When on the Big Island please call me at (808) 936-4657 for a tour of the farm including roasting coffee to your specifications.

Mahalo from Hawaii -- Dard