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February 15, 2011
We are very pleased to report that as a result of dialogue with food and beverage consultants for both Kona Coffee and the California Wine industry, we are refining our marketing procedure and Affiliate Program.

1) Logo and Label

We've added a new label in addition to Kona Kili Coffee and Tri Kona Coffee which will combine the "Dard Roast Farms 100% Kona Coffee" logo designed by Claudia Kane of Kona along with the original art work of Stephanie Bolton from Honaunau, Hawaii.

2) Roasting and Packaging

While we will continue to do our home roasting and packaging for smaller orders, to
guarantee the quality and uniformity of an Affiliate order we are in partnership with the Greenwell Farms for roasting, packaging, sealing and labeling. They require a minimum order of 20 pounds. The Affiliate wholesale rate is for an order of 20 pounds or more.

3) Payment

Affiliates will place their orders at the agreed wholesale price of $16 a pound with a major credit card or PayPal through this web site.  A code will be given to guarantee the wholesale price at checkout.

4) Shipping

Before ordering please contact me directly by phone or email to set up shipping method and cost.  This will vary depending on your personal preference for speed of delivery and the weight of the package.


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