Dedication to Rod Aller, Alpine Skiing World Champion

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Spice it up with Hawaiian, seasonal and specialty flavors. Select from the drop-down box at checkout. Our dog Kili is a husky, malamute, akida mix. Click on Kona Kili Coffee to choose one of the flavors below.

Flavors in Stock

Chocolate - Rich chocolate fudge
Chocolate Mac-Nut
Coconut Creme flavor - Creamy coconut with a touch of grahm cracker
Almond Flavor - a delectable blend of almond with a hint of chestnut
Mac-Nut Creme
Jamaican Me Nuts Coffee Flavor - An island blend of Kahlua, caramel and nuts
Strawberry Shortcake
Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Flavor - Fresh blueberry pie taste with a warm cinnamon background
Cappuccino flavor - A blend of cinnamon, vanilla and cream
Irish Creme Flavor - Reminiscent of Bailey's Irish creme

Specialty Orders (Add two weeks to processing)

Amaretto Flavor - smooth almond flavor with light nutty background
Banana Foster Flavor - reminiscent of banana cream pie
Butter Pecan Flavor - Reminiscent of pecan pie
California Gold Flavor - A mix of fruit and nuts, a classic combo
Candy Apple flavor - Like an apple with a caramel sugar cherry flavored glaze
Chocolate Almond Flavor - Milk chocolate covered almonds
Chocolate Creme - Creamy coconut with a touch of graham
Chocolate Raspberry & Creme flavor - Sweet tart berry with creamy smooth cinnamon background
Chocolate Seduction Flavor - Our most seductive chocolate with hint of caramel and berry
Cinnamon Cranberry Creme Flavor - Sweet tart berry, creamy smooth background & touch of cinnamon
Cinnamon Hazelnut Creme Flavor - Blend of exotic cinnamons, classic hazelnut and vanilla creme
Cocoa Mocha Twist Flavor - Chocolaty with spicy and nutty notes
Cookies & Creme flavor - Dard Chocolate cookies and cream
Dulce de Leche Flavor - A caramelized condensed milk flavor
English Toffee Flavor - a lightly spiced, cream caramel flavor with rummy notes
French Apple Crumb Cake Flavor - A delightful combination of baked apple & sweet buttery cinnamon
French Vanilla Flavor - Vanilla made the French way with a dash of spice in a caramel background
German Chocolate Cake flavor - A rich chocolate coconut with light berry notes
Gingersnap Flavor - Reminiscent of the holiday cookie favorite
Hearts and Berries Flavor - A tantalizing blend of chocolate and exotic berries
Jazzy Java Flavor - A pleasing combination of cinnamon, rum and pecan
Kringle Crumb Cake Flavor - Coffee cake topped with buttery graham crackers and a touch of cinnammon
Mexicali Creme Flavor - Like the Mexican coffee/chocolate liquor plus vanilla
Nuttin' But Kisses Flavor - Sweet nuts surrounded with vanilla and nuttin' else