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Sparks of Coffee History
Moments that change everything!

Historical Notes on Coffee


In the late 1600s, the Turkish army swept across much of Eastern and Central
Europe, arriving at Vienna in 1683. Besieged and desperate, the Viennese needed
an emissary who could pass through Turkish lines to get a message to the nearby
Polish troops. Franz George Kolshitsky, who spoke Turkish and Arabic, took on
the assignment disguised in a Turkish uniform. After many perilous close calls,
Kolshitsky completed his valiant deed, returning to give the Viennese the news
of the Poles' imminent rescue of their city. On September 13, the Turks were
repelled from Vienna, leaving everything they brought: camels, tents, honey,
and strange bags of beans which were thought to be camel feed. Kolshitsky,
having lived in the Arab world for several years, knew these were bags of
coffee. Using the money bestowed on him by the mayor of Vienna for his heroic
deed, Kolshitsky bought the Turks' coffee, opened Central Europe's first coffee
house (The Blue Bottle), and brought coffee to a grateful Vienna.