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Coffee Tweets and Twitters

Coffee Hownd

krissmarr just joined the Nespresso club. It's like a tennis club only with more coffee and less tennis. Yes!

Nazjetha wonders what would happen to science in a world without coffee.

The Portola Coffee Experience.....coming to you in June!!! We are so very excited!

Joe Worricker is a self-confessed coffee addict and we love that!

GEVALIA KONA CLASSIC CUPPING COMPETITION - Lehuula Farms Kona Coffee selected as FINALIST in 2008 Competition

LEHUULA FARMS IN THE NEWS! - Bob Nelson recognized as the "Back of the Bus" tour guide.

LEHUULA FARMS IN COFFEE ATLAS! - Feature on Lehuula Farms in Coffee Atlas.

LEHUULA FARMS SUPPORTS THE TROOPS - We donate coffee to the troops serving overseas, this picture was taken in Iraq in September, 2008.

KONA COFFEE CULTURAL FESTIVAL - Hawaii's Oldest Food Festival "Honoring Kona's Pioneer Spirit"

SAYOKO ART - Original art, wood carvings, Impressionism, Expressionism, life art, art with feelings.

KENA COFFEE - We offer our Kona coffee direct from our farm and USDA-certified Fancy, Peaberry coffee and decaf Kona gourmet coffee grades, roasted to order.

Alaska Coffee Links

The Green Coffee Bean Company

TGCBC's Shop Announcement


We are a little coffee shop in Ketchikan, Alaska, located in beautiful and rainy Southeast. We do all of our own roasting with our Probat roaster. We put a little bit of love into all the coffee we roast and we hope you can taste the difference. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. We love to talk about coffee!

Raven's Brew - "Dedicated to Coffee, Quality, sustainability and Culture" (TM)

Celebrating nearly a hundred years in business and our first birthday is one way to understand the exciting direction Dallis Coffee is headed. A little more than a year after being purchased by Octavio Inc, Dallis is more committed than ever to offering NYC's most discerning establishments "coffees that taste great and do good." We are reinventing what it means to be New York's best local roaster in many ways.

At Blue Bottle Coffee, Artisan Microroasting simply means that we take a hands-on approach to every step possible to discover and preserve the true nature of excellent coffee -- no matter how inconvenient or time-consuming.

We take Freshness and small-batch roasting to an extreme not considered practical anywhere else in the coffee business. We use only the best certified organic coffees, occasionally using beautiful coffees that are farmed traditionally without pest���icides.

After roasting, coffee beans exhale CO2 for several hours. Instead of keeping our beans in bins, we mix the blends and bag them within 4 hours of roasting to harness the CO2 to keep oxygen (and, hence, oxidation) out of the bags.

We never preblend our coffees thus assuring the ideal roast profile for each bean used in a blend. All varietals are roasted individually, then mixed into our blends.

Espressofabriek for the connoisseur of coffee in Amsterdam, Holland.

The Coffee Barun website aims to provide you with everything you need to know about making and drinking coffee, along with an opportunity to purchase fresh premium coffee and accessories at great prices.

The Kona Coffee and Tea Company: Winner of the 2009 - 2010 Kona Cupping Contest

The World's Leading Coffee Buying Guide