Dedication to Rod Aller, Alpine Skiing World Champion

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Dard with Glen and Brian

Award-winning Dard Roast Farm at the
2011 Kona Coffee Festival Competition.

Painting by Stephanie Bolton; Graphics by Claudia Kane; Produced by Angy Chesler.

Our Theme Song: The Kona Coffee Picker Man - by Kaleo Lindsay

Look for 100% Kona Coffee

Others will put "Kona" on their coffee label but only use 10% Kona Coffee beans.
They're trying to "blend" in.

We are on Facebook, Kona Coffee Blog and Twitter to keep you informed about what's happening around the farm and throughout the coffee industry. Sippitysyup, RoastLog and Daniel Harrington have published articles about Dard Roast Kona Coffee.

We invite you to come tour and roast the coffee with us.

Order on line using the top left-hand column of choices. "Advanced Options" can be used to expand roasting options, gift wrapping, flavoring, labels, etc.

Call us toll free at (808) 936-4657 for a personal order or customer support.

Grandson Ezra with six pounds of 100% Kona coffee

Mahalo from Hawaii,


Dard Aller

82-5824D Napoopoo Rd.
Captain Cook, HI 96745

(808) 936-4657